For most paperback writers the decision to author a book comes slowly but it can hit us just as abruptly. When it hits us fast, like when we wake up one day and decide to try our hand at being an author, the next fear that overtakes us is how are we going to get all the details needed to craft an excellent story?

The details can and often does bog us down form moving forward in our story. Getting names and hair color, how they dress what they drive, whose married to whom or who’s sleeping with whom can be overwhelming.

Well I have a simple strategy that you can use to completely craft the details of your characters without writing any of the story. As a matter of fact this is an exercise I recommend at anytime when writing your book where you feel you need more details or a little break from writing while still being productive.

The first step is to asses your story, for example what do you still need for your characters? Do you have enough people? Do you need houses or locations? Do you need to develop your charters style of dress? Or do you need to craft relationships such as who’s related to whom, and or who’s stabbing whom in the back?

Once you have these details, than your ready for the exercise, you can start by going to the drug store and buy several poster boards. They usually sell for 50 cents a piece. While there you need buy lots of magazines. Lost and lots and lots of magazines, because your going to cut them up, your going to create a collage for each character, your going to cut any picture of a man that looks like the man in your story.

If there is a horse in your story find a picture of a horse that looks like the horse in your story and cut it out. Once you have these pictures begin pasting them on your poster board. Put the person in the middle, and paste the picture of the car they would drive and the type of suit they would wear around any other details about their life in a circle around them.

Keep going further out adding more and more pictures. The more pictures you add the greater the details of your story your crafting. All without writing a word and when your ready just sit down and begin to write your book, you’ll already have all the details you could ever want.

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