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Spotting airplanes or trainspotting is more or less accepted as a hobby, but when you are watching sea containers in the port of Rotterdam, people tend to look at you in a funny way. Spotting sea containers however is just as interesting as watching airplanes or trains and finding out where theyre coming from and going to. Sea containers have a plus in this respect: you can guess whats inside of them. But seriously, you can do all sorts of things with sea containers.

Having a party in a special place?
When you have ever planned a party in a special place, you know that renting a location can be quite a challenge.I once went to a party that took place in the middle of nowhere, in between meadows and woods. A beautiful location, but the local infrastructure didnt exactly fit the bill. The party planner came up with the perfect solution for this problem: by renting a furnished sea container, he arranged a special place with everything we needed. The partygoers could just walk into and out of this container. Renting a sea container is very easy: on the internet are many companies that you can contact.

Temporary living quarters

Maybe its something you would never consider, but if you need a comfortable place to sleep temporarily on a specific location, you might go for a sea container. That might be convenient if you have to stay near a location (e.g. a company building or home that is being renovated).

Moving house overseas

To leave ones country for a longer period of time or forever; its done more often than youd think. Of course youd have to ship your personal belongings. For that purpose a sea container is the ideal and safe choice. A container rental or sales company can tell you everything about this option. The people there can also advise you on the necessary paperwork.

Theres much more to sea containers zeecontainers than you might think. Planning a party on a special location? Rent a sea container zeecontainerhuren !