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When first meeting someone there are so many questions you have and you can ask 100 questions to know someone better. You are constantly thinking of questions that you want to ask. There really is no limit on your questions if you are really trying to get to know someone. You will not know someone unless you ask them questions. Here are 30 questions out of the many 100 questions to know someone better.

1) What is your occupation?

2) What are things you enjoy doing for fun?

3) Do you have a temper?

4) Are you afraid of heights?

5) Can you keep secrets?

6) Do you like to dance?

7) Do you ever want to get married?

8) Are you a messy person?

9) What types of food do you not eat?

10) Do you drink?

11) Do you consider yourself a good role model? This is an important question to ask out of 100 questions to know someone better.

12) Do you have any siblings?

13) Do you have many friends?

14) What is one word your friend would use to describe you?

15) Do you have any bad habits?

16) Do you smoke?

17) Do you consider yourself to be lazy?

18) Do you have any pets?

19) Do you like to travel?

20) Where do you go on vacation?

21) How many credit cards do you own? Out of the 100 questions to know someone better this one will help you see if this person has a spending problem and if so how much of one.

22) How romantic are you?

23) Are you religious?

24) Do you watch sports on tv?

25) What is your favorite sport?

26) What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done?

27) What is your idea of a perfect evening?

28) When is the last time you really laughed?

29) What is your favorite childhood memory?

30) Have you ever been in love?

These are just 30 of the 100 questions to know someone better. You want to ask the right questions to make sure you find out everything you need to know to make sure this is the right person to carry on a relationship with. By asking questions you are going to find out if you are going to just be buddies or if there will be a future between you two.

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