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The Buccaneers will play 12 games before getting a week off. Their late bye has prompted coach Bruce Arians to give the players a little time off.

“I gave the guys off until Thursday,” Arians said earlier this week, via, “we’re a really tired team. We haven’t had a bye yet. So this is kind of a little bit of a mini-bye for us. And then Friday and Saturday night, we’ll practice at night, the same time as the game. Do a couple of different things on Monday morning to try and shake it up and see if we can start the game better.”

Practicing at night may not make things any better for the Bucs, who have not played great in three prime-time games this season. It likely won’t make things worse.

This year, the Buccaneers have lost to the Bears on a Thursday night, barely beaten the Giants on a Monday night, and got blown off the field by the Saints on a Sunday night.

On Monday night, the Buccaneers will host a dangerous Rams team.