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 We strive to make sure that the product we deliver is not just a complete high quality product, but also an innovative solution that can assure the real taste of Indian Spices.
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SUBHASH MASALE is a name to reckon with in today’s spice world. A company that associates itself with quality and latest technology, SUBASH MASALE has been marketing high-quality spices under its brand “SUBHASH” which today has become a trusted name among the evergrowing spice market. Established in 1992 and owned and managed by a professional Entrepreneur, having over 21 year’s experience in the field of spices, this has given the company it’s standing in the competitive market. Setting standards of excellence in its entire range of spice products, SUBHASH MASALE is today considered a class apart even by its competitors.

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No Artificial Color Added

Our spices spread evenly when sprinkled without the hassle of lump-forming, it gives garnish touch to your food. Also, it results in least wastage of spices.

Ultra fine grinding

Our grinding machines grind material at high speed allowing very fine even granulation with perfect texture for variety of spices. This process allows spices to get sprinkled uniformly. 

hygienically Packed

All spices are hygienically packaged with the help of our technically advanced packaging machine. An air-tight packing is done with caution to let it be moisture free. This keeps our spices fresh and bacteria free.

Pure & unadulterated

Our spices and seasonings aren’t mingled with or diluted by extraneous matter nor do we indulge in any practices to get more out of a certain quantity of a spice by manipulating it. 

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Himanshu Gupta

Amazing products with lots of creative ideas…handmade products mostly increase the the love and emotions between two people… Everyone should use it 🙂

Shivani Gupta
Marketing Manager

Well done! Awesome products and services. Nice packing.

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